Control over goods

In the field of inspections over goods from import, export and home market commodity circulation Eurocontrola Ltd. performs the following services:

  • control over the quantity and quality of goods intended for import , export, re-export, transit and home market commodity circulation
  • control over the quality of finished production
  • control over the quality of goods and materials put into production
  • outlook inspection / on the basis of organic and sensorial indexes
  • presence in the time of testing
  • technical diagnostics
  • control of the supplying sets
  • control of the packing and marking
  • control over the conditions of goods storage
  • goods, subject to destruction
  • inspection for establishing the cleanness of the transport vehicles and their suitability for definite type of goods
  • control over the way of goods arrangement in the transport vehicle according to the type of goods and their packing
  • comparison of goods with presented samples
  • inspection of goods finding under pledge
  • use of certified by the State Agency of Accreditation and State Agency of Meteorology and Technical Control laboratories for testing and evaluation of different types of goods.

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